Safe Step

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Westland, MI  48186

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About Us
"Your Safe Step to a secure home"

Founded in 2000
Safe Step originated from three men with a vision for providing safe, affordable, sober living
housing.  Two of the men were highly experienced chemical dependency counselors who were
faced with the problem of finding suitable housing for men who had completed treatment.

The first home purchased was a two story duplex which housed 7 men.  Safe Step has since
purchased 6 additional duplexes, two ranch style homes, and one 5 bedroom home.  

Within the first year, Safe Step began to address the needs of the men who were ready for an
increased level of freedom, as well as, increased responsibility of oversight for the new
residents.  The staff developed two different yet complementary tracks for residents who were
continuing to maintain sobriety and becoming integrated into society.  

The first track was the Monitor and Monitor in Training (MIT) program.  Residents excelling in
leadership skills accepted responsibility for monitoring their home for resident compliance with
chores, curfews, and for possible relapses.  The MIT program was created to give the monitor
support and relief within the house and to move into the monitor position if the monitor left his
position.  The second track developed by the team was a step level approach for recovery.  

In June 2005, Safe Step opened its first women’s recovery house.  Over the next several years,
the staff has grown to include not only the Program Director with 20 years of addiction
counseling experience, but also additional counselors with many years experience in substance
abuse, domestic violence, and mental health counseling.  

Additionally, Safe Step has many qualified alumni and current residents who are a unique and
beneficial component to the programming.  Several individuals have maintained sobriety for 5 or
more years.  They oftentimes attend the weekly community meeting to encourage and motivate
other residents.  The alumni are also welcome to attend all the monthly Safe Step recreational
activities.  Safe Step is proud of the family environment which allows residents to grow at their
own pace, assimilate new skills, practice developing personal relationships, and develop
responsibility for their own lives.  The motto of Safe Step is “once a family member, always a
family member.”  In the last nine years, Safe Step has become a leader in Southeast Michigan’s
sober living housing communities.